My Time Capsuleis the place where you can put your dreams and hopes, where you can send a message to the future. You choose the message, you choose the time, you create a Time Capsule.

How to make a Time Capsule
How to Make a Time Capsule - Quick Tour Print E-mail

Since we know that you are probably a busy person, we create for you a quickstep tutorial about how to make a Time Capsule.

The following video show you a quick tour, since create a new account till finalize the time capsule.

How to Create a Time Capsule Step-by-Step Print E-mail

As we like you we have created a step-by-step tutorial about how to create a Time Capsule.

In the following video you can see all the step since create an account till finalize a time capsule.



Why create a Time Capsule?

View our Presentation and find out

There are many reasons to create a Time Capsule. Did you want to send a message to future generations? To a friend? To a lover? You want to say something to someone but you do not have courage to say it now.
Think a little and you will find hundreds of reasons to make a Time Capsule.

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