My Time Capsuleis the place where you can put your dreams and hopes, where you can send a message to the future. You choose the message, you choose the time, you create a Time Capsule.

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My Time Capsule mission is to bring time capsules to the digital world.
Everyone have something to say, everyone have desires, have secrets, have a life, a life that change with the time, a life that is unpredictable. We don't control completly our future, our best friend of today can be our biggest enemy of tomorrow. But there are things that we know, things that must be recorded - we know who we are and who we want to be... These are the things why we should make a time capsule. We should make a time capsule for in the future we look back an see how our life changed, how we was and who we became...

My Time Capsule is a project created in the end of 2010, that want to be the future os the time capsules.

This is who we are and what we think, and you who you are? What are your thought? What you hope for the future? Create now your time capsule!



Why create a Time Capsule?

View our Presentation and find out

There are many reasons to create a Time Capsule. Did you want to send a message to future generations? To a friend? To a lover? You want to say something to someone but you do not have courage to say it now.
Think a little and you will find hundreds of reasons to make a Time Capsule.

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