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Time Capsule from Allison Paquette submitted on 15/04/2020 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 April 2021 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Allison Paquette on 15/04/2020.

Personal Information
Name Allison Paquette
Submission Date 15/04/2020
Time Capsule Date 14/04/2021
Sex Male

The main message is:

"Hi. Mr.Filson died today. It really sucks because I realized that I didn't even have a picture of him or with him. That made me really sad. How's the world? If we're still under lockdown, I'm dropping out of life. I hope we aren't in an apocalypse. That would also suck. You're getting really close to graduation. That's crazy. I still remember my first day of middle school and freshman year. Ew, remember how we dated Joseph? Remember how we wore ugly-ass pencil eyeliner that So-Jeong gave us for our 7th grade birthday? That was scary. Hella scary. Anyways yeah, I hope you're doing okay. I'm alright, coping I guess. Bye! Go study for AP's if you're taking any :) XOXO"


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