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Time Capsule from AndreiM submitted on 07/02/2019 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 January 2020 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by AndreiM on 07/02/2019.

Personal Information
Name AndreiM
Submission Date 07/02/2019
Time Capsule Date 01/01/2020
Country Romania
Town Lugoj
Age 15
Sex Male
Height 1.78cm
Weight 64
Current Job Stundent
Salary 84-ron
Hobbies Play games-Bike
Favourite Food chips
Favourite TV Show/Movie Prison Break
Favourite Song Ian/Aztcea
Favourite Book Jurnalul unui pusti
Idol Elon Musk
Vehicle Bike(madro-mobilul)
Pets TOm/AZorica
Interests Partyes, PRogramming
General Information
Biggest Dream vreau sa devin PRESEDINTE (USA/RO)
Biggest Desire Programator si FuckBOyn sa ajung.devin
Biggest Fear Sa nu fiu popular, sa nu am prieteni
Biggest Concern Ma prind parintii cu electronica lu TATA
Biggest Secret II urasc relatia lu pop cu Crista, si cand eram mic l-am spanzurat pe Tiganu
Next Goals Sa ma ling cu Giulia (e a 6-a)
What make you what you are
Best Friend Arianna Crista
Biggest Enemy Pop Alexandru/Preda Alexandru
Religious Beliefs I love/have god (in my life)
Political Views vreau sa devin PRESEDINTE (USA/RO)
Money in Bank Account I need one, and a credit card)
Relationship Status Single, working at FucckBoyyz
How you see your future
Biggest Accomplishment 130 eur Foosiil watch, and 2X10 at info!
Future Job programmer and Navy;seals military
Future RelationshipStatus fuck boyy
Hapiness Meter Rich men, changhing the world and a lot of money until 18 years old (milioner)
How you see the world in the future
Future Transportation vreau un Bmw Seria 1
Future Society Stupid peoples
Future Technology poor
Inventions great, but no investitors, besid me (inafara de mine)

The main message is:

"Uitate pe sau pe dropbox, e fisierul blocat panain 2020!!! sper ca am tot ce am scris aici ca vreau sa am!"

Time Capsule from Poonam submitted on 20/03/2019 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 January 2020 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Poonam on 20/03/2019.

Personal Information
Name Poonam
Submission Date 20/03/2019
Time Capsule Date 01/01/2020
Sex Male

The main message is:

"Happpyyy new year yuk... I love you sooooo much . You're a good friend and so grateful for having a friend like you . You're the funniest person ik and it's so much fun being around you .. have a great year ahead. Ily . Heart emoji"

Time Capsule from Zuhair Yazdani submitted on 27/11/2012 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 31 December 2019 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Zuhair Yazdani on 27/11/2012.

Personal Information
Name Zuhair Yazdani
Submission Date 27/11/2012
Time Capsule Date 31/12/2019
Country Malaysia
Town Kota Damansara
Age 16
Sex Male
Height 5 ft 4 in
Weight 73 kg
Current Job Student
Salary Depends
Hobbies Amateur Radio
Favourite Food Western Food
Favourite TV Show/Movie Any movie that is badass
Favourite Song All Neon Indian songs
Favourite Book None
Favourite Quotations None
Idol Joseph Stalin
Vehicle None
Pets Kimi - Cat
Interests Everything that interests me
General Information
Biggest Dream Live on tundra climate
Biggest Desire Make a base station
Biggest Fear DARK ROOM
Biggest Concern The world
Biggest Secret Only you know
Next Goals Live for 200 years
What make you what you are
Best Friend Faiq Farhan, Asyraf Fauzan
Biggest Enemy Ainul Akmal Hisham
Religious Beliefs Islam
Political Views Communism
Money in Bank Account RM10
Relationship Status Single
How you see your future
Number of Children 2
Gender of First Child Male
Kids Names Farid
Biggest Accomplishment Live my life
Future Job I hope you can answer this..
Future RelationshipStatus Single or married
Hapiness Meter When you reading this, are you happy..?!
How you see the world in the future
Future Transportation Teleportation
Future Society World would be destroyed by a nuclear bomb
Future Technology No technology
Inventions Weapon of Mass Destruction - even greater than nuclear bomb

The main message is:

"Well I don't know if 2019 I have my soulmate, I hope you still use This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it until you received this memo.."

Time Capsule from Lewis Jones submitted on 26/10/2019 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 November 2019 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Lewis Jones on 26/10/2019.

Personal Information
Name Lewis Jones
Submission Date 26/10/2019
Time Capsule Date 26/11/2019
Sex Male

The main message is:

"PW JHsad8s43#453hdjks@#0954yt Pin @#jh456dj BIOS pw JHsad8s43453hdjks0954"

Time Capsule from Alex submitted on 23/11/2015 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Alex on 23/11/2015.

Personal Information
Name Alex
Submission Date 23/11/2015
Time Capsule Date 13/11/2019
Sex Male

The main message is:

"??????. ??? ? ?? ???????? ??? ???? ???? ???. ?? ??? ???? ??? ?????, ???? ?? ???????/????? ??? ??? ????? ? ? ?? ?? ????? ??? ????????? ?????? ???? ? ???????, ???? ? ??? ??? ???? ????? ? ?? ?????. ? ??? ???? ????? ??????, ????????? ? ??????????? ???, ??????? ??????? ?????????? ????? ?????? ????? ????. ??????? ?? ???? ????????? ????????? ????? ? ???????? ?? ????????, ?? ???? ?????? ????? ??????. ??? ?????? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?????? ??????, ??? ??? ??????????? ????? ???????, ? ??? ???? ??????? ???????? ?????? ?? ??????. ??? ????? ??? ?????? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ???????, ?? ?? ??? ????? ??????, ???? ??? ???. ?????, ? ????? ?????? ??????. ??? ?????? ??????????????? ????? 10 ??????. ???"

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