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Time Capsule from Sofia submitted on 10/04/2021 Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 April 2022 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Sofia on 10/04/2021.

Personal Information
Name Sofia
Submission Date 10/04/2021
Time Capsule Date 09/04/2022
Sex Male
Hobbies Sofia: crochet Kathia: videogames (xbox) Valentina: Kdramas Erica: cooking Ahtziri: learning & teaching english Adilene: watch movies
Favourite Food Ahtziri: chinese food Sofia: pasta Kathia: mexican food Valentina: tacos Erica: empanadas & patty Adilene: italian food
Favourite TV Show/Movie Erica: sweets & modern family Ahtziri: Full house Valentina: Greys Anatomy Kathia: Friends Adilene: Extreme Makeover Sofia: the good place
Favourite Song Erica: satisfaction Kathia: DPRIAN Dope lovers Ahtziri: Memories Maroon 5 Adilene: Thinking out loud Ed Sheeran Valentina: Mikorkosmos BTS Sofia: I hear a symphony Cody Fry
Favourite Book Valentina: the little prince Erica: Mafalda Kathia: Go ask alice Adilene: Proverbs Ahtziri: the bible Sofia: Speak
Pets Kathia: Blossom & London (dogs) Valentina: Popi Catalina Luna Felix (dogs) Adilene: Cleta & Lassi (dogs) Lince (cat) Sofia: Henry (dog)
How you see your future
Biggest Accomplishment Sofia: bachelors Erica: bachelors & TKT Ahtziri: TKT & english teacher Kathia: TOEFL Valentina: TOEFL Adilene: being alive

The main message is:

"Hello guys! Hope you guys are doing good. Thank you so much for being part of the class. Wish you the best. - Miss Sofia"


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