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Time Capsule from shimanja submitted on 09/06/2021 Print E-mail
Friday, 01 April 2022 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by shimanja on 09/06/2021.

Personal Information
Name shimanja
Submission Date 09/06/2021
Time Capsule Date 01/04/2022
Sex Male

The main message is:

"hello sir, maybe you don't remember me but I'm Shimanja, one of your students last year. At the moment when I am writing this letter, we are on 06/09/2021, our last day of classes with you. And so for this last day, you proposed to us to write a 'time capsule' so I decided to write to you. first of all, if you find 3600 mistakes, I'm sorry in advance.I just wanted to tell you that I had a great year with you, I learned a lot and while I hated oral, you helped me overcome my shyness. your oral really helped me, I started to feel a lot more comfortable so thank you very much !!!! when you are going to read this letter we will be in 2022, so I wish you a happy new year with very good health and best wishes! Shimanja"


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