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Time Capsule from LaTrell Jernigan submitted on 23/03/2020 Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 January 2021 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by LaTrell Jernigan on 23/03/2020.

Personal Information
Name LaTrell Jernigan
Submission Date 23/03/2020
Time Capsule Date 14/01/2021
Country US
Town Augusta
Age 15
Sex Male
Height aboult 5"11 or 6"0
Weight about 190
Current Job Dang Rip
Salary DAng rip
Hobbies Play PS4, Fortnite, Trove, just tarted playing csgo, and oh yeah ROBLOX
Favourite Food Burrito / all Hispanic food tbh, mac and cheese, PIZZA, a lil bit of chinese
Favourite TV Show/Movie currently watching fire force, My Hero Academia, AOT, LOVED Sword Art Online
Favourite Song Uzis Eternal Atake XD, Whole lotta red isnit going to drop is it.
Favourite Book lmao
Favourite Quotations lmao
Idol Twitch Streamer
Vehicle lol lmao, dont have a permit
Pets lol lmao
Interests Love playing video games,
General Information
Biggest Dream To become a popular streamer / content creator
Biggest Desire You know who from freshman year **Wink**Wink
What make you what you are
Best Friend Mike, Jaden, Jadon, Ethan, Tyler, Brandon, Zeke, Antoine, Gillian,
Biggest Enemy myself
Religious Beliefs N/A
Political Views lOL IM NOT AN OLD MAN
Money in Bank Account -1
Relationship Status Single
How you see your future
Gender of First Child idc
Kids Names idk
Biggest Accomplishment twitch partner
Hapiness Meter -10/25
How you see the world in the future
Future Technology PS5

The main message is:

"I just hope that you are in a better place. I am typing this on the laptop that grand dad gave us. oh yeah and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Your judgments are still good I hope. Please say you have the PS5. And a job. And ur still in ARJ Right. Im sorry for the bad things im doing right now. I hope I didn't mess u up too bad. Oh yea we are out of school because of the COVID-19. Do you have it. Plz say no. We don't know when we will come back to school yet."


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