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Time Capsule from Owen Pommier submitted on 23/02/2018 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 October 2020 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Owen Pommier on 23/02/2018.

Personal Information
Name Owen Pommier
Submission Date 23/02/2018
Time Capsule Date 06/10/2020
Sex Male

The main message is:

"Dear Future Owen That is if your not dead due to something I am unaware of. This is grade 10 planning class and Seth and you came up with a pretty cool movie idea about this kid who writes a suicide email and sends it to himself in the future but he's already dead but then his parents find it.(pretty original idea) -Your current favorite poem is "A larkson of a guttersnipe"(from the feature film "The Grand Budapest Hotel") -This is the day I cock blocked local neighbor and pal T.White with his grade 9 woman Emma (They are probably still not together.) Local joke: I was driving down the street and i hit this real fat woman with my car, she said go around, i said i don't think i have enough gas. Your in the school play right now which sucks ass right now but now you might look back at and think it was and okay experience(probably not) now for a kind poem from the ease of your 10th grade mind. the lush sikimore howels up against the violent brush of the peaks of the gastly mountains as the snow rumbles down upon the galivanting village to where a kind family lives in the safety of there toasty cabin. . . haha(deep laugh)hope ya had a nice smerk after reading that one) After school today i will be beating the living out out of dominic dreher. it's all in good fun kelly duncan(probably pst away by now) almost cried today because jaden denchery put mustard on his hat it created a good laugh among my peers and i. . . that just about raps it up for me i have to get back to planning class (not great) keep doing what you like and i'll see you when i see you. . ."


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