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Time Capsule from Emma Holmes submitted on 05/10/2017 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 December 2018 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Emma Holmes on 05/10/2017.

Personal Information
Name Emma Holmes
Submission Date 05/10/2017
Time Capsule Date 26/12/2018
Sex Male

The main message is:

"Just don't forget why you're doing it. Remember crying because you were worried about money and hearing mum talk about paying for Daddy's hospital bills and Carly up all night scared about College and breaking down worried that your mum wouldn't accept you and sitting through Mr Duncanson's lessons panicked that he was homophobic and hearing about Katie in the richest area of Scotland with no Mods teacher for her Advanced Higher course and the feeling when you listen to You can't stop the beat. I know you have to be smart but please just don't forget about people. Read your coming out letter once in a while or watch that coming out song you used to listen to late at night or read that shitty bisexual poem you wrote. Remember not putting LGBT stuff in your personal statement in case your tutor was homophobic. Please don't forget about people. Actual real people suffer from your stupid academic realism. Its okay to be an optimist and an idealist because its WHO YOU ARE!! IT MAKES YOU YOU!!!! Knowing about politics or reading 1 book about economics doesn't make you special its your spark!!!!! love u U CAN CHANGE THE WORLD please do its rubbish ps hows north korea?"


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