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Time Capsule from Aryan Pandey submitted on 27/09/2017 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 December 2018 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Aryan Pandey on 27/09/2017.

Personal Information
Name Aryan Pandey
Submission Date 27/09/2017
Time Capsule Date 11/12/2018
Country India
Town Noida, currently
Age 17
Sex Male
Height 5'something
Weight 69, idk
Current Job Student
Hobbies Gaming, learning japanese
Favourite Food Biryani
Favourite TV Show/Movie Game of Thrones
Favourite Song Porter Robinson - Flicker. Close competition by many songs, especially REOL
Favourite Book A Song of ice and Fire. Have not read them all. Probably should.
Favourite Quotations "Let me give you some advice bastard. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." -Tyrion Lannister
Idol Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and perhaps Stephen Hawking
Vehicle none, dad's corolla and innova I guess
Pets Bubbles, really want to meet you ;-;
Interests Reading a few books from time to time, anime, japanese culture
General Information
Biggest Dream Become an Astrophysicist and meet revered scientists
Biggest Desire Build a monster gaming PC
Biggest Fear any insect bigger than a mosquito, and death itself
Biggest Concern not being able to prove my father wrong and not being able to spit on his face if and when I am successful.
Biggest Secret i don't keep much secrets, maybe my fetish and my singing habits when alone. I sing j-pop songs when I'm alone late at night and enjoy every moment of it.
Next Goals Actually try working hard and get 90% in my boards, get into a good college perhaps in the US so I can live with my sister and take mom there.
What make you what you are
Best Friend Varun, for now.
Biggest Enemy I don't keep enemies, except my father.
Religious Beliefs I'm strictly an atheist but I allow others to practice their religion while around me. I don't mind them at all unless they would start to threaten me in any way.
Political Views I don't really care, but I do know that Trump is a fucking retard and our PM Modi is a great guy. Hope he does more good.
Money in Bank Account 0. I do have some money on my steam account though, ~$300 total.
Relationship Status single, won't be changing for a while probably
How you see your future
Number of Children i would want 2 at max, even one would suffice and I would love them dearly unlike my father.
Gender of First Child No preferences here.
Kids Names No idea, nothing really goes well with Pandey kek
Biggest Accomplishment Perhaps be the reason for a scientific breakthrough, preferably about how the universe works. It intrigues me.
Future Job Want to be an astrophysicist, will probably have to become a computer science guy.
Future RelationshipStatus Would want to live a happily married life.
Hapiness Meter Don't really expect much right now... Life seems to linger on the darker side right now. Probably a 4/10
How you see the world in the future
Future Transportation I don't foresee flying cars in the near future. I think it will stay the way it is for a while.
Future Society More digital, perfected children through DNA manipulation, or perhaps post-apocalyptic if there is a nuclear war. Things are going on between the US and NK, you know.
Future Technology I hope AI gets much better at doing what we do, and it will perhaps surpass us.
Inventions Nuclear fusion would be a big thing, and maybe something that would allow us to break the light barrier.

The main message is:

"man... everyone is dead all who played osu! or were close friends with me on my server most of them i am not in contact with makes me feel sad but makes me realize that life goes on and people change cant do much about it, and you gotta live your own as well just like everyone else you have to leave others behind and move forward looking at the chat histories saddens me but hey, i have changed a lot as well maybe for the worse, maybe for the better but i hope that if im reading this in the future that i'm happy when ido so adroit, srisha, manu (still active), sketch, even topgek, argon, rigel, lapoozza and others are people who i probably dont know anymore especially lapoozza, he changed his life by quitting his persona and never looked back i hope he is happy where he is now im glad i have met these people online but things change and so do we all im not properly able to express myself with these messages... and i dont know why, but i feel like i have a dark future ahead maybe because of dad, maybe because of my studies but i hope my intuitions are wrong here i should probably go to sleep, i have school tomorrow probably wont be able to, thanks to insomnia and after writing al this, i can forget about sleep anyway will probably make an excuse not to go as usual what a fucking idiot i am sigh i hope i change i need that one huge push to make me fall back to the earth and realize what i should do my heart aches whenever i think that things will never be as they were before my server went down it gave people reason to talk to me they thought i was a cool guy hell even i thought i was a cool guy behind this mask of "Dolan" lies a fragile kid with a monster of a father who wants nothing but... knowledge... and is too lazy to find it himself i dont know what im writing anymore but i hope i change and i hope i become a strong enough person to be able to actually do the things that i need to do in order to live a good life anyways, bye, future me ill meet you soon enough!"


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