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Time Capsule from Jessee submitted on 23/08/2016 Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Jessee on 23/08/2016.

Personal Information
Name Jessee
Submission Date 23/08/2016
Time Capsule Date 11/08/2018
Country United states
Town Moorpark
Age 13
Sex Male
Height none
Weight none
Current Job none
Salary none
Hobbies Dance
Favourite Food Bread
Favourite TV Show/Movie None
Favourite Song none
Favourite Book none
Favourite Quotations none
Idol none
Vehicle want one
Pets cats a moms
Interests Dance
General Information
Biggest Dream Dancer
Biggest Desire Dance
Biggest Fear Spiders
Biggest Concern what
Biggest Secret not telling
Next Goals to get far in tap
What make you what you are
Best Friend kk, hannah , peyton
Biggest Enemy none
Religious Beliefs none
Political Views none
Money in Bank Account yes
Relationship Status Loner
How you see your future
Number of Children 2
Gender of First Child Twin girls
Kids Names Parker
Biggest Accomplishment Wining first in my solo
Future Job Covention teacher
Future RelationshipStatus Doyfriend
Hapiness Meter very happy
How you see the world in the future
Future Transportation Car
Future Society none
Future Technology Phone computure
Inventions none

The main message is:

"Dear,Jessee you have a doyfriend. Is your favorite color still bule. Is tap still my favorite."


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