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Time Capsule from matthew submitted on 01/12/2014 Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 March 2017 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by matthew on 01/12/2014.

Personal Information
Name matthew
Submission Date 01/12/2014
Time Capsule Date 09/03/2017
Sex Male

The main message is:

"Hello future me. I just wanted to tell you that you have almost graduated High School, well that's if you are still in school xD. I hope you stay true to yourself and don't change for other people. Live life how you want to! Not how others want you to. YOU are the master of your fate & the captain of your soul. Have you got a job yet ;o? I wonder how things will be for you in the future. As I write this I wish for you to think back to this day 11/30/14 and remember how much you have changed for the better. Be happy even when you are feeling down. Live life to its fullest because you don't know when death decides to take its toll. It's a sad thought, but we must all leave this land of opportunity one day or another. Make yourself proud! Never forget where you came from and most certainly always remember to love yourself. I feel so demanding writing this, but hey, Its who I aspire myself to be in the future. Have you quit gaming, or have you gotten that six-pack of abs you always wanted? I hope you have. I really do hope you put in the hard work. If you have then I praise you for it! GOOD JOB Matteo. If not then better start working on it now! Do not wait for tomorrow don't wait for later Now is the present. Start Now! Anyways, If death has taken toll on you then... let it be. I hope I have accomplished everything I want in my life by the time I die. Its such a shame we have to leave this land of opportunity, but we have to one day or another. It could be years, maybe i will never die? Who knows right. Also I love my family o so much even though i am disrespectful to them at times. I love my brother Nico a ton. I want him to be the best at anything he chooses to be! There is no limit to the amount of belief in this world. Here is a song from Gta V that I like right now Enjoy it :) I love everyone that has affected my life one way or another. Thank you for creating the person I am today. This sounds more like a suicidal note than a future note lel. Trust me it wasnt tho. This world needs more love in it! I hate hearing the amount of hate that happens all over. Please let this be fixed in the future. Be the one to change it! I believe in you! Love ya ~The juan & only pote."


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