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Time Capsule from Lucas Flynn submitted on 10/08/2015 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 August 2016 00:00

The following Time Capsule has been submitted by Lucas Flynn on 10/08/2015.

Personal Information
Name Lucas Flynn
Submission Date 10/08/2015
Time Capsule Date 10/08/2016
Sex Male

The main message is:

"Sup dude. If you haven't gotten a boyfriend yet then please get on it you know you're fiending. Otherwise, hope you're enjoying the graphic design degree, or perhaps, a lack of degree in general. Keep at whatever you're doing man i'm sure it'll be sweet (rave scene poppin'?) Seriously though get some got damn dick son, you deserve it. Peace. -You from 1 year ago (obviously fiending a relationship.)"


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